DreamStation 2

DreamStation 2 Machines are being shipped!

What is in the box:

  • Replacement Device: DreamStation¬† 2
  • DreamStation 2 pap/humidifier/filter and tubing
  • Quick start guide/user manual
  • Tape
  • Return label
  • Return instructions specific for DreamStation 2 shipment
  • Cleaning instructions


As soon as you unbox your DreamStation 2, before turning it on, PLUG IN THE MACHINE AND WAIT 5 MINUTES. This allows the script to be sent to the machine via the Philips Software.

After you have waited 5 minutes, then you can turn it on. Refer to the Setup Guide in the box and the Quick Start Guide below to get started.

Setup questions? Cleaning Help? Missing something from the box?

Call the Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 Hotline

(833) 262-1871

Setup and Use of DreamStation 2

Return and Setup Instructions for DreamStation 1


Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Device Return Instructions

DreamStation 1 Letter

Greetings DS 2

Systems One to DS 1 Letter

Equipment Cleaning Tips and Best Practices

  • Manufacturers recommend cleaning your PAP equipment at least once weekly.
  • Using a gentle soap, such as Ivory or baby shampoo, fill the sink with warm water and soak equipment (mask, hose, and water chamber) for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and allow items to air dry for several hours before use.
  • Only use distilled water to fill the water chamber or bottled water when distilled is unavailable. Never use tap water.
  • Always plug electrical cords into surge protectors.
  • Wash your face nightly and clean cushions daily to ensure your mask adheres to your face and creates a proper seal.

To Clean or Replace Filters

  • Respironics Machines
    • Dreamstation 2: Wash your gray plastic filter weekly by running run tap water through the white media and then shake the filter to remove as much water as possible and allow to dry completely before reinstalling. Inspect the disposable blue filter once a week and discard when dirty. Do not get this filter wet.

Check on the status of your replacement device order

Click here to checkon the status of your order. You can search by serial number or confirmation number.

If you have questions about the Philips Respironics recall, please click here to visit this official communication from the Philips Respironics website. You can also call Philips Respironics customer service at 877-907-7508 to see if your machine has been affected by this issue or click here to use their portal to register your serial number for your replacement.

If you have received your new DreamStation 2 device, please click here to read important instructions on setting up your new machine.