Your Prescription for Good Health

Note: Most people will forgo a sleep study due to their high deductibles, etc.

1. Get healthy (diet, exercise & Good Sleep)
- have a Sleep Study    
2 - Keep Wallet Healthy (Save Money)
- have your Sleep Study at Endeavor

Endeavor Rates: $700 - $2100 **
Hospital & their affiliate’s rates: $3000 - $5000 **

Note: most people do not want to have a sleep study at the beginning of the year due to their high insurance deductibles. We can help - with our low contracted insurance rates & no interest, low monthly payment plans. We could save you thousands $$$$ dependent on your insurance company’s contracted rates.** It pays to shop around!

Remember: good health begins with a good night’s sleep!

**Rates are based on each individual’s insurance plan

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